Plus Plus - Tube - Mermaid - 70 Pieces

$12.99 CAD

Let your imagination soar and create fantastic mermaid creations. Build a dazzling mermaid with a shimmering tail and a beautiful coral-adorned upper body. Create an underwater scene with colourful seaweed forests, playful fish and sparkling sea pearls. The possibilities are endless, and only your creativity sets the limits.

Plus-Plus is easy to assemble and can be connected in countless ways, giving you the freedom to create unique and imaginative designs. Explore the sea and create your own underwater realm filled with colour and magic.

Plus-Plus is perfect for children of all ages as it stimulates their imagination, fine motor skills and creative thinking. They can have hours of fun building and re-enacting mermaid adventures.

Our mermaid universe is designed to inspire and entertain. Explore and be enchanted by the beauty and underwater magic of the sea.

Please note that Plus-Plus contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Safety is important to us, so make sure to keep an eye on the small parts while exploring the adventurous mermaid universe.