Remarkable Remy

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Remarkable Remy is a warm and optimistic story that introduces an Autistic character to a young audience. The story helps explain the Autistic brain -" how it works a little differently andA how unique it is -"A and how our neurodivergent friends make the world remarkable! My best friends name is Remy. I think Remy is remarkable. Remy is Autistic. That means Remys brain works differently to my brain. I love that Remy is different to me, because Remy can teach me new ways to experience the world. A A picture book for both Autistic and non-Autistic readers aged 3 and up, Remarkable RemyA illuminates the experiences andA strengths of Autistic people, and the joys of having Autistic friends.
Contributor Bio

Dr Melanie Heyworthfounded Reframing Autism, a company run by and for Autistic people and their families and allies. It is dedicated to creating a world in which the Autistic community is supported to achieve acceptance, inclusion and active citizenship.

Reframing Autism combines capacity-building and leadership development with education, research, resource development, mentoring and support to strengthen the Autistic community. Reframing Autism has built strong online communities, with close to 40,000 followers on Facebook and 12,000 followers on Instagram, and more than 12,000 followers on LinkedIn and 3000 Twitter followers. In addition, the company has more than 2000 website subscribers (who receive regular newsletters and EDM), a podcast (which has had more than 1500 downloads), and a YouTube channel.
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3 years and up