Miniland Nature Food Thermos

$39.99 CAD

For all types of solid foods

With a 600ml capacity, it is ideal for using from early baby foods to all types of solid foods.

Reusable and environmentally friendly

natur food thermoses are manufactured in stainless steel which guarantees greater length of life while fomenting respect and care for the environment among the little ones.

It maintains the temperature of foods up to 12 hours

They guarantee to maintain the temperature and keep foods for many hours thanks to their high-quality materials like the double 18/8 stainless steel (304 steel) wall of low thermal conductivity and very good resistance to high temperatures; the exclusive aluminum layer and vacuum chamber.

To take anywhere

Whether at the park or beach, in the countryside or traveling, Miniland thermal containers are perfect for enjoying every moment without a worry in the world.

Design inspired by nature

With a soft spongy fi nish, pleasant to the touch, it is printed in fun designs inspired by nature, so the little ones learn how to eat in a fun way while respecting the world in which they live.